Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Eight Healthy Eating Habits to be considered from today to stay fit and strong

In the competitive social dimension, many people are struggling with their health or weight. In terms of fitness, time management has become one of the biggest challenges to try workouts for a regular basis. Meanwhile, in our hectic daily schedule we must control out eating habits to stay fit and be competitive whatever we do. Interestingly, all of us desire to age gracefully, be fit, immune to various seasonal illnesses, and maintain a healthy body but most of us have failed to make any sort of compromise regarding out regular food habits. Usually, the food we prefer is high on taste but low on health. Critically, it will be evident to follow some simple rules that help you to eat right, make healthy choices and avoid illnesses. The key to success lies in developing healthy eating habits that will not only help you reach your goals, but will also leave you feeling full and with plenty of energy to do everything you want to do. Here are a few eating habits which, once you've made them part of your routine; will have you set up for life.

1. Analyze your regular diet closely

Most of the physicians and pediatricians believe that you must closely observe your daily diet in order to create a healthy eating habit. Track whatever you are eating with the help of a food journal. This technique will help you to evaluate whether your current diet is healthy or not. Once you note it by yourself then you are ready to take the next step.

2. Determine calorie requisite

It will be evident to consult your physician to identify your calorie needs to complete daily activities. By understanding the calorie requisite, a person can make adjustment in healthy eating habits to stay fit and healthy. Notably, Calorie need of a person can be different for different people depending upon metabolism and physical activity level. Generally, based on your body structure and regular activities, a normal person requires 1000-1500 calories a day, to be precise.

3. Breakfast is must

In terms of starting a healthy food habit breakfast is the most considerable thing to be taken into account. If there's one thing you decide to follow religiously every single day, let it be this - eat a healthy breakfast every morning. You need to kick start your day with a healthy breakfast first thing when you wake up. Effectively, after hours of sleeping and body in-activeness, significant level of energy is required to set the tune for the rest of the day. Hence, a healthy breakfast can make a lot of difference adding necessary fuel to your body.

4. Give up carbonated drinks

Once you start with the motto of eating healthy, never prioritize on counting calories or measuring meal sizes. Instead, think on adding more colors, variety and freshness to your diet. On such notation, carbonated drink is something that one must avoid as such drinking habits may lead to health deteriorate. Demonstrate yourself and stick to the plan of eating healthy by eliminating this habit. Replace it with healthy stuff like green tea or any other healthy drink.

5. Try Fruits and Salads over snacks

In case you prefer junk foods as evening snacks, you must replace the habit and try fruits and green salads on a regular basis. At first it may seem to be tough but fresh fruits and veggies can also be the good choice for long-term health. Decisively, such technique will do wonders to you and your body by filling up with various essential vitamins and nutrients.

6. Drink lots of Water: Nature’s Healthy Drink

Fluid is one of the most essential parts for our health. Therefore, one must understand the value of drinking water time to time. According to the physicians, one must take minimum of a glass of water every morning to rejuvenate all the cells by supplying them with oxygen and water.

7. Start preferring home cooked meal at work

To find a way to increase healthy eating habits, homemade meals must be preferred by the office goers instead of canteen foods. Arguably, canteen food is one of the worst eating habits to follow. It not only harms your health but also digs a hole in your pocket slowly. Carrying home cooked meal can point you towards healthy living. Thus, you can control your food ingredients without worrying about anything.

8. Take in Protein rich diet

In the meantime, protein rich diet should be added to the diet chart on a regular basis. In order to perform your daily task well you need energy. And to fulfill this energy ration opt for lean meat, eggs, pulses, milk and cheese as these items are rich in proteins. For vegetarians, adding yoghurt, soybeans and nuts helps to maintain healthy bones and teeth.

By following the steps, one can easily adopt to the contemporary challenging health issues that may reduce our potentials. Most importantly, healthy eating habits can be termed as a long-term effort to stay fit and strong. 

Monday, 19 June 2017

Seven Monsoon Destinations to explore near Kolkata that are lesser known weekend getaways

Kolkata, the city of joy that is as richer in historical places as it is in natural places. The amalgamation of the historical as well as natural places nearby the city must be kept in the mind for a short weekend trip in the Monsoon season. With that in mind, I have listed seven of the best monsoon destinations to explore nearby Kolkata so that one can enjoy rains with the friends and family members and be flabbergasted!

1. Mandarmani

Mandarmani, the beach town 171 Km away from Kolkata, houses one of the longest beaches in the country. Lightly populated, the place makes for an ideal getaway especially in the monsoons when you can enjoy a dip in the sea while it rains pleasantly. Other than the sea beaches, rains, and waves, the fantastic resorts located nearby the beaches of the town offers ecstatic scenic beauty of the sea during high tides in the rainy season.

2. Bakkhali

In the south territory of West Bengal, Bakkhali, one of the little beach towns of the state has been located that is austerely inhabited. Due to the minimum crowd, the beach town offers a quiet and calm atmosphere for a weekend away from the city. Notably, by the beaches you can notice the bright red Fiddler crabs marching away on the beach. Or else, you can enjoy a pleasant boating available for the tourists. Evidently, the season of monsoon merely amplifies the scenic beauty of the place that must be explored for a change.

3. Santiniketan

Santiniketan, the land of the Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, can be described as one of the peaceful weekend gateway, 162 Km away from Kolkata. True to its name, Santiniketan is the land of peace, art, and scenic beauty. Visva Bharathi Vidyapeet and the Uttarayan complex is one of the popular attractions where Tagore lived and is now converted to a museum and art gallery. Apart from that, the peaceful ambiance of the town offers much more during the monsoon rain.

4. Sonajhuri Forest

Sonajhuri Forest can be identified as another offbeat weekend gateway near the city of Kolkata, located little ahead of Santiniketan. In terms of tourist’s perspective, the place offers a cluster of untouched forests with winding village roads and the Kopoai River flowing through it. During the monsoon what would be better that living the midst of the forest with gentle rains and all things natural? Apart from the forest ambience, the traditional culture of the place and the local public can also be enjoyed at the extreme.

5. Jhargram

Nestled between the scenic Sal tree forests, this town located a little ahead of the Gangetic plains of West Bengal shares cultures of both West Bengal and Jharkhand. This little known place has much of nature to offer especially during monsoons when the brown trees take on different shades of green and flowers bloom in abundance. The beautiful hill ranges of Belpahari and Kankrajhor adorn the town while the Ketki Falls are in their prime when it rains.

6. Maithan

Owing to its location in the coal belt of India on the Barakar River near Kolkata, 236 Km away from the city, Maithan is often called the ‘Kashmir of Koyalanchal’. The town is developed around the Maithan Dam and reservoir which is the largest dam of the Damodar Valley Corporation in India. Famous for its beauty, hills and clear blue water, it is a treat to the eyes in the monsoons. Nearby attractions include – Chammack Pahar or Spoon Island, a patch of land that looks like an inverted spoon located in the middle of the reservoir, Kalyaneeshwari Temple, Deer Park, among others.

7. Bakreswar

Serenity at its best, Bakreswar located close to Kolkata, 219 Km away from the city, is surrounded by nature with little hills, forests and valleys. It is more known for its hot springs which are known to be therapeutic. There is an old Shiva Temple near the hot spring that you can visit. Also, Shantiniketan is in close proximity to Bakreswar.

By visiting the places, all you need to do is relax at a resort, take a walk down the villages or simply gaze at the sea for long hours — swallow down the dreariness of monsoon with a bit of nature's sweetness. Just give it a try this monsoon and explore the unexplored.
Five Spectacular Monsoon Destinations in the land of Desert- Rajasthan

The experience of Monsoon in Rajasthan can be spectacular if you know the right place to visit. In the splash of rain, the entire scenario has been changed as the rain drops have altered the natural beauty of the Desert territory. Nature, landscape and people, everyone welcomes this season in unison. Evidently, when we name Rajasthan the first sight comes to mind is deep beige sand dunes shimmering against a blue sky or golden fortresses bathed in sunshine will probably be the first frames to capture your imagination. Refreshing, isn’t it? Now, the question is what is the special reason to visit Rajasthan in the season of Monsoon? Let me tell you something to explain you. The rains in Rajasthan are not exactly pouring heavy shower we get to see in a Mumbai or a Kerala. It’s more like light rain with the occasional downpour. So the leeway of getting your trip ruined due to rain is close to nil. As far as destinations are concerned, I have notified five of them to be precise.

1. Mount Abu

The only hill station in Rajasthan, Mount Abu is located 475 km from Jaipur in the Sirohi district on the highest peak of the Aravalli range and is known for its Dilwara Jain temples. Best known for the unique Rajasthani handicrafts available here, Mount Abu also has a three-day summer festival of classical music and folk dance performances that attract a lot of tourists. During monsoons, the scenic beauty of Mount Abu is something to be cherished. In addition, this time is perfect for engaging in audacious activities like bird watching, nature walk, or simply taking a stroll.

2. Udaipur

Udaipur casts its spell and everyone gets mesmerized by it! It wouldn’t be incorrect if we label Udaipur as one of the most romantic places in India. Proffering a perfect mélange of culture, history and traditions, the gorgeous city makes for the perfect honeymoon destination, cultural centre and face of Rajasthan. I believe what gives Udaipur it’s pretty face is the brilliant architecture and the Mewars should be given the credit for it. These wise rulers literally created an oasis amid the desert, thanks to their love for leisure and passion for creation. There is so much that one can see in Udaipur and most of these attractions have been built and created by the Maharanas. The true reflection of the grandeur of Rajasthan, City Palace is amongst the top places to visit in Udaipur. Other than that, Just about everybody knows about the gorgeous Lake Pichola; it’s like another vital identity of Udaipur. It is a 4kms long man-made lake and is believed to be one of the most beautiful ones as well. Notably, stunningly built on Lake Pichola, Lake Palace is one of the most visited places in Udaipur. During rainy season, the beauty of the places is endless.

3. Jaipur

Rajasthan's beautiful Pink City Jaipur, was the stronghold of a clan of rulers whose three hill forts and series of palaces in the city areimportant attractions. Known as the Pink City because of the colour of the stone used exclusively in the walled city, Jaipur's bazaars sell embroidered leather shoes, blue pottery, tie and dye scarves and other exotic wares. Jaipur has much to offer visitors everything from pageants and festivals to extraordinarily clad people, a wealth of handicrafts, a royal legacy of palaces, and sightseeing that will occupy their time. However, should the visitors simply choose to walk around the streets of the old city instead, they will not regret it. During monsoon, Teej festival can be an added gift to the travelers visiting Jaipur.

4. Keoladeo National Park

Keoladeo Ghana National Park is also known as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary or Keoladeo Ghana Bird SanctuaryKeoladeo Ghana National Park is located in the Bharatpur district of the state of Rajasthan. Keoladeo Ghana National Park famous for housing of birds, and was created around 250 years ago. The name Keoladeo has been derived from a nearby ancient Hindu temple, devoted to Lord Shiva (Maharaja Suraj Mal). Keoladeo Ghana National Park is also famous migrant species of birds, including the Common, Demoiselle and the rare Siberian Cranes. In rainy season, the experience of the visitors will be awesome to say the least.

5. Mandawa

In the heart of the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan locates the beautiful small town Mandawa, known throughout the state for its forts and havelis. The structures of this place remind one of the cultural and social hotspot this place used to be in the bygone era. Like other North Indian regions Mandawa too has an extreme climate. The summers can be very hot with the mercury touching 40.5°C, whereas winters can be chilly and the temperature can fall below 10°C. The best season to visit this place is the monsoon. During this particular season, Mandawa provides the visitors with a sense of discovery at every turn.

Understandably, monsoon and Rajasthan can be the best possible thing to explore the natural beauty and royal ambience of the state. Therefore, be free! Have a visit to Rajasthan in this monsoon to explore the beauty of nature.